About Us

Penny Levi embodies the spirit of innovative bijoux artistry, mirroring the finesse and creative passion of its namesake founder. Penny’s lifelong affair with fashion and her instinct for the next wave in design trends have shaped the ethos of this distinguished design house.

Since the twilight of the 1960s, Penny’s global journey has imparted a rich palette of influences into her work, rendering her designs as intricate as the cultures that inspire them.

At Penny’s call, a symphony of emerging jewellery designers from across the globe have gathered, bringing with them a tapestry of art and fashion. This blend of heritage with a modern edge defines the brand's unique aesthetic, breathing life into exceptional pieces crafted from the earth's hidden gems.

Penny Levi's collections, unveiled yearly, are a refreshing departure from mainstream glitter, marking their bearers as icons of style.

Residing in London, Penny dedicates herself to the creation of new collections and the nurturing of new talent, spreading her forward-looking vision.

Echoing Penny’s philosophy, "Our designs reflect the individuality of our customers and the creativity of our makers. It’s my mission to deliver distinctive, quality jewellery and outstanding service to our clientele."

Welcome to the world of Penny Levi, where tradition and innovation meet in a dance of elegance.


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(Head Office)
Penny Levi
Suite 55
78 Golders Green Rd
London NW11 8LN

Tel:  +44 (0) 7804 686 430

Email: penny@pennylevi.com