Silver Finger Rings - 5th May 2014

Adorn your finger with one of Penny Levi’s exquisite fashion-forward finger rings, available in sterling silver, rose gold plated, gold plated and black. But if you’re after the subtle sparkle of a silver finger ring, look no further.

Our sterling silver three-tiered ring makes a real style statement; you’ll be on trend instantly. Inlaid with tiny stones of close-sitting cubic zirconium to give you that subtle sparkle, this item can be worn as either a normal ring or as a finger ring below the first finger joint. Very flexible, very edgy, very pretty. Finger rings are the way forward.

Silver finger rings are available from Penny Levi for £84.00

Product Code: RS–1/S for the sterling silver ring


Gemstone Rings - 27th April 2014

Penny Levi’s inspired jewellery designs are fast becoming must-have items and this designer’s gemstone rings are no exception.
Dress your finger up with a large handmade semi-precious gemstone set inside a criss-crossed sterling silver or gold filled clasp, coiled round to form an exquisite ring. No need for multiple rings at multiple expense, this solid, eye-catching ornament is enough to complete that elegant look for evening.

Gemstones and sizes available, visit


Clover Pendant Necklace - 30th March 2014

Nothing makes you look and feel better quite like a piece of sparkling jewellery, and our Clover Pendant necklace is a winner all round.  

Stylish but understated, this floral-shaped pendant necklace is available in a choice of three styles: Sterling silver, rose gold plated Sterling silver and yellow gold plated Sterling silver. 

The yellow gold plated necklace on a silver chain features a CZ pave open flower pendant and will flatter any skin tone, while the rose gold pave clover pendant is ageless in colour and style.
Or for those keen to make the right kind of impact, the Sterling silver clover pendant won’t fail to dazzle the onlooker.

Product details:
NS-99/G Gold chain with pave clover pendant necklace
NS-99/G Rose gold pave clover pendant necklace
NS-99/S Sterling silver large clover pendant necklace

Price: £69.00

For further details or to order visit with the product code at the ready.


Fashion Costume Jewellery - 23rd March 2014

Penny Levi Jewellery in London have a vision for fashion costume jewellery. They strive for uniqueness, distinctiveness, inimitability. That is why Penny Levi herself, founder and master creator of the company, has gathered together an eclectic mix of designers with all different skills, styles, panache and perspectives on life. Together they have created a superb collection of fashion costume jewellery, including earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Visit their website to have a look at their Circle of Life and Cross Over Pave rings – they are truly beautiful. Penny and her team employ rare, under-utilised materials to create a mesmerizing blend of past, present and future in every piece of fashion costume jewellery they make.

Penny is very interested in the future of fashion. Her goal is to produce fashion costume jewellery so unique in design that the people who wear the pieces will be trendsetters. She aims to spark and cultivate new fashions, and continue doing so. Penny Levi Jewellery are a jewellery design team committed to reinventing themselves all the time. Wouldn’t life be boring otherwise?

Penny herself is based in London, England, but she spends much of her time planning new collections and travelling to meet, encourage and nurture new and diverse designers. If you want to experience the grandeur of Penny Levi’s fashion costume jewellery, call them now on 07804 686430.


Online Designer Jewellery - 16th March 2014

If you are looking for truly exquisite online designer jewellery, Penny Levi Jewellery in London ought to be your first port of call. They stock a huge range of magnificent pieces, crafted by Penny herself, founder and master creator of the company, and her brilliant and eclectic team of designers. Their fine and fastidious finger-work has generated a sublime collection of online designer jewellery, including earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets such as their beautiful sterling silver bangles.

Penny has always had an eye for fashion and the future of fashion, which she lends to her designs and insights. She has encouraged and nurtured a wealth of undiscovered jewellery designers from all over the globe under the roof of Penny Levi Jewellery. Their designs are traditional, yet modern, and they employ rare and under-utilised materials to create a fascinating blend of past, present and future in every piece. Their online designer jewellery is must-see, if only to marvel at.

Recently, Penny Levi Jewellery exhibited its beautiful range of online designer jewellery at two trade exhibitions, Top Drawer and the spring fair in Birmingham, where Penny Levi’s pieces stood tall and proud against the competition. If you want to experience the beauty, splendour and lustre of Penny Levi’s online designer jewellery, call them now on 07804 686430.