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Penny Levi London

EG-36/S - Silver Hoop Earrings with Turquoise decoration

EG-36/S - Silver Hoop Earrings with Turquoise decoration

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Embrace timeless elegance with our Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings, featuring Turquoise decorations and unique cone-shaped drops. Perfectly crafted for the modern woman, these earrings add vibrant colour and sophistication to any ensemble, suitable for both day and night wear.


- Material: Sterling Silver
- Decoration: Turquoise stones
- Earring Type: Hoop Earrings with Cone Drops
- Design: Turquoise decorated hoops with turquoise-enhanced cone-shaped drops
- Closure: Hinged snap fastening for secure wear
- Dimensions: Hoop diameter
- approx. 15mm; Cone length
- approx. 20mm
- Lightweight for comfortable wear throughout the day
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